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tv   [untitled]    December 26, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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tonight tis the season to go see the ending as britain sells spray begins we look at exactly who is pocketing the profit. careless candidate warns that the country is making a dangerous move by following washington in taking a rainy and militant groups off the terror list. to mask terrorists for killing twenty including children in the north while the rebels accuse the regime but there seems to be no clear picture of behind the mutual finger pointing.
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over a good morning chief you just joined us for a viewer watching around the world just after midnight now here in moscow is kevin owen at the new center with you and our top story britain's bargain hunters were out in force for shops reporting record boxing day takings both in store and online now the shoppers then are keeping the u.k. stills ringing you may be surprised to know whose pockets of being lined by the boy here went to find out. proud to be british brits interests alike often pay for their quintessentially british experience says unaware that they're run by foreign companies harrods the dorchester hotel and even the queen's grocer fortnum and mason keeping the fortnum and mason is a british store. is it not. it's been here for ages so i assumed it was wholly owned by british people no nevermind everything's ok now you
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know the reason the things are getting. so bad almost half the companies in the u.k. and now in foreign hands the coalition government in britain likes to talk about the march of the makers can have a march of the makers if we're selling of all that is good household names like the chemist cadbury's chocolate and weetabix cereal have all been gobbled up by foreign corporations your traditional bacon butty hardly imaginable without h.p. source the name stands for houses of parliament the label even has westminster on it but the white house might be more fitting h.p. now belongs to heinz and as you're spreading your hartley's jam or your son packed peanut butter over your morning toast you might be surprised to learn that these british brands were just bought up by another american company in fact even thames
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water which comes out of every single tap in and around london now belongs to an australian company advocates of foreign takeovers say they inject much needed cash into the british economy recently with premier foods not only selling off. pickle selling off. some people and also closing down some of their home manufacturing and you know it's interesting what's the reaction analysts say great use for investors although it is bleak news just before christmas. as for the workforce two years ago kraft the u.s. food giant swallowed up cadbury's chocolate it was a hostile takeover they slashed four hundred jobs and moved production to poland in the process but there are those that say that the loss of sweets is the least of britain's problems and the loss of control over ports to in this country and around the world where we have a huge network of of good international ports i think is
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a very serious matter the loss of control over our airports the loss of control particularly over our energy companies which means decisions about our energy could control in supply and not made in london there maybe in paris in the or overseas tax havens such as in switzerland when companies take over they often move their headquarters away from the u.k. or look for better advantages in terms of the tax system a good example of that was boots the chemist which was a company with a head office in nottingham for one hundred sixty one years and moved in switzerland where we had revenues of around eighty nine million pounds in corporation tax and they reduced that then to nine million so burden is then placed on the u.k. tax payer increases in income tax of the eighty or other forms of taxation it has to be found and we're the ones paying for it other nations governments scrutinize every overseas bed france for example argues that it's in their national interest
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to prevent key technologies falling into foreign hands so while it's often difficult for a british company to buy abroad over thirty billion pounds worth of domestic companies made their way into foreign hands last year last month westminster said that it wouldn't change any laws but would take a greater interest in foreign acquisition the only thing is by the time they get around to it there might be nothing left to sell. art see london. so ryan is warning canada that has made a dangerous move by taking a notorious a radio and militant group off its terror list kind of as following a similar move by the u.s. an accepting that. has renounced violence and wants peaceful regime change in iran written off and looks at the organizations record and hear from some iranians who worry of legitimizing it mohammed shows me his box of handmade treasures earrings pendants all made from stone the only material he could find in the prison yard big
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ambition much this is how we killed the pain from torture and hunger i still get headaches when i remember the story about. valley iranian soldier mohammad spent eighteen years in an iraqi jail during the one nine hundred eighty s. iran iraq war he says he would have been freed earlier if he'd joined the ek image he didn't help to realize the militant revolutionary group was fighting iran in authority on the side of saddam hussein and recruiting new members a month reasoners but mohamed refused. they were terrorists killing innocent people i couldn't have anything to do with them i betray my country then the group indeed had a very gory history in the one nine hundred sixty s. it started a bombing campaign against iran's shar and his allies they were linked to the killing of american citizens and welcomed the us embassy siege in tehran openly calling for the execution of the hostages. the terror continued after reason make
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revolution with the association of the country's president prime minister along with many politicians and clerics with generous support from hussein it fought hard in iran as well as saddam's enemies inside iraq in one thousand nine hundred seventy and if he joined america's list of terrorist organizations along with al qaeda and hamas and was cited in arguments for the invasion of iraq today iran iraq would still view ek as terri's group but america's position has now flipped any case as a ranch democratic ah this is just part of the large scale and successful lobby to get any case off the terror least among backers former white house officials army generals and cia chiefs a clinton extremely disturbing this is a this is this at the time was a terrorist group they were supposed to be paying officials and moving money around and yet somebody was turning a blind eye to that i think that anything potentially is going to have an influence on the u.s. policy towards iran and could get us into
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a very dangerous position as far as potentially going to war with iraq iranian officials second that saying and became a place similar role that america back to position forces played in regime change in libya and the current conflict in syria the main support of beasts to reduce groups. to use because they use from that through to access through political means. new yorker reporter in his article called our men in iran reveals how members of m.b. k. were trained by america's joint special operations command in a camp in nevada when one this is part of an anteroom policy sanctions on iran a strong but they don't seem to work very well america started using inside agents to destabilize the country and the using terrorism as a tool and out of those question about ties between israel and iran according to america's n.b.c. network and named u.s.
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officials confirmed and weak a was involved in the assassination of a number of iranian nuclear scientists backed by israeli intelligence service my son by israel secret service this quaint tehran is named after interrogate him an iranian nuclear scientist killed in his own car this area known as been jock is a very popular and vibrant place many people pass through here while heading to the mountains resort outside to hear on an ideal location to remind people about something that shouldn't be forgotten or forgiven. mohammad says and make a recognized as a democratic alternative to reign in authorities feel so real to him that. nothing's changed they are terrorist tactics may be changed but still the west uses it to get information to get what they want. and the terrorists he says is likely to keep his brutal ways to live for national party from iran syria leaders
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claim terrorist groups are behind the deadly shelling in northern syria earlier opposition activists said the attack that killed twenty with the least eight of them thought to be children was carried out by government forces that are in the province the same fighting escalated in recent months so middle east correspondent paula so you brought me up to the. damascus has announced that it is terrorist groups who are behind this deadly massacre in the northern province of raka what we do know is that at least twenty people have been killed eight of them are children now they were early reports by activist groups that it was in fact government forces who were behind this deadly shelling but that sense has been refuted one of the main groups to come to the fore is a u.k. based activist group known as the syrian observateur for human rights the pictures are currently witnessing are pictures that they are distributing on you tube they cannot be verified of the point has been made by the russian foreign ministry that this was a group that relies on some two people and so these kind of reports need to be
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taken with it which assault and we constantly hear reports coming out of syria with each side accusing the other of perpetrating calamities indeed what we've witnessing happening in syria is a media war is a misinformation more that is increasingly difficult to verify been hearing now for several days the rebel fighters in syria claiming that assad's forces are using chemical weapons on them what they saying is that the injuries that civilians are coming forward with injuries that do point to some kind of exposure to a poisonous gas that they're consistent with those kind of injuries the fact is the that they needs to be a lot of question marks around this now we all know that israel is no friend of syria but we are hearing from the israeli vice prime minister who was casting doubt over these claims by the group of fighters. on the israeli vice prime minister said that this is not the first time that there has been such claims made by rebel fighters and he has made the point that the opposition in syria has
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a vested interest in making such claims as a way of getting foreign military intervention he also says that there is no proof for any kind of confirmation that indeed assad's forces are using chemical weapons now. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has also made the point that the chemical weaponry within syria is been contained we have been receiving reports that it has moved to two locations what we witnessing again here is the continuation of this misinformation war the fighting in syria continues to intensify we're likely to continue to fear such kind of reports in the coming days and certainly we will do our best to try and verify the same since. absolutely pull asli in the middle east correspondent coming up of kind of stands losing tens of millions of dollars in tax in the fall of ministries faith has pleaded for. jews because the country relies on the alliances protection but
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a story about that that makes it the with. major events for you from twenty twelve as we take a close look at the u.s. presidential race and the kind of the sideline for the made news outlets we carry them at times just a. if you're from my generation or younger and you were born into the one percent that i have a lot of college debt i sure do you know the deal used to be that you paid a significant amount for education but in turn that gave you a much higher salary later but now the system works in reverse many young americans studied very hard to not make any money at all around nine percent of americans with student loans have defaulted and at least nine but maybe up to eighteen percent are ninety days late with their payments given the situation the people at
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u.c. berkeley were nice enough to give away a million dollars in scholarships for everyone everyone that's an illegal immigrant yeah that's right if you're born in america then pay till you die but jump the border and enjoy the red carpet education treatment the people who would be getting the scholarships are mostly the children of illegal immigrants who spent many of their formative years in america and yeah i could see the logic that could be hard for them to get an education when the when they aren't citizens but they came into the country illegally it isn't taxpayers jobs to help them but wait berkeley is a private institution so i guess they can give out the money to whoever they want whenever they want however they want but berkeley management if you're watching this i would really appreciated. if you chose the financial mercy to american citizens it isn't like they don't need the help but that's just my opinion.
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would be so much brighter. moving. from place to impression. don't come.
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again the afghan foreign ministry says the country's lost over seventy million dollars in taxes foreign firms linked to nato are avoiding paying the jews the report says tax dodges rely on the u.s. led block to pressure kabul into staying off the backs of political analyst and former afghan m.p. daoud sultanzoy he says afghanistan is trapped in a vicious circle of corruption perpetrated by both locals and foreigners. what was
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going on in two thousand and one two thousand and two when the interim authority came to existence and discovery they signed deals exempting some of these companies we were dealing with need to and i sat and then under that umbrella many other companies came and started. carpetbagging back. in the illegitimate gains and they never paid taxes this is not new and this government will never have peace the guts to collect taxes from those broke companies yes and each time i look . there are dozens and dozens of companies who are bringing passengers and cargo to this country and who are bringing other goods and they have never paid any taxes they've never paid even landing fees in some cases they have paid over flight fees this is just aviation and even imagine and other fields of commerce in and
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fuel and transportation and logistics and security in other arenas in all areas there are hundreds of millions of dollars every year there are scaping and this government also sometimes gives them some reprieve by reducing their taxes and exchange for bribes. israel but it settlement expansion is a threat to peace and the two state solution with the palestinians israel's most recent announcement of twelve hundred more homes in east jerusalem brings now the total number of housing units planned in the past few weeks to five and a half thousand these are illegal under international law but around half a million people already live in israeli settlements peace campaigner ron pundak told me their fate and the expansion of homes become political bargaining chip. settlements is definitely within the vocabulary of talking into the center right voters so i believe that between now and twenty second of january we'll see only
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elevation of the discourse from the prime minister and the round of the issue of settlements i hope that those will stay only messages which are connected to elections and not realities and practices on the ground of the five hundred thousand are being divided about two hundred thousand total with in jerusalem and there is a total agreement with the palestinian side in the negotiations in the past that all the two hundred will stay inside is why we agreed delineate the borders of jews then we have the three hundred thousand in the west bank those approximately two hundred thousand out of them which are living very close they just sent to the green line would become part of is well within the exchange of territories and there is a minority of approximately eighty to one hundred thousand israelis which will have to be evacuated as happened in two thousand and five with our previous government offered schoener in which israel evacuated approximately ten thousand which was just a good example for the fact that we can make it so if between us and peace will be
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standing one hundred thousand is where it's which we'll have to go and be accepted and we'll be. compensated etc i believe that this is something which goes within the national interest of the majority of israelis. online a movie about osama bin laden's violent demise dispute the cia on our website we tell you why american colleges community was so worried by what they saw they want to consider the drama not a documentary about what really happened online for months plus how life could be sustained on mars if i exited bacteria from siberia you make your regular science get the backstory that are on. russia's upper house of parliament has approved a ban on u.s. citizens adopting russian children the draft law as a response to washington's magnitsky act which bans entry and freezes assets on russian officials allegedly involved in human rights violations the adoption
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restrictions got unanimous backing in the chamber no need for presidential approval to become law the acts named after a deal of two year old russian boy who died after is adoptive u.s. father left him in a car on a hot day lawmakers say it targets america's lect treatment towards those who let russian children suffer but critics claim the move deprives thousands of orphans a chance of maybe finding a loving family. the world news in brief interview this morning and thousands of rounds rallied against the shia led government there demanding more protection rights so these protesters accusing leaders are trying to marginalize them and drawing the current secretary conflict it's the further major protest and less of a week since the arrest of ten bodyguards of a senior saudi official the committee launched an insurgency in iraq after the two thousand and three u.s. led invasion of a shiite majority to pass. a suicide attack you try to blow up a u.s.
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military outpost in afghanistan has killed at least three people and left seven more injured guards opened fire on a minibus packed with bombs with a vehicle exploding before reaching the entrance to the camp chapman compound the taliban says it was targeting local police working for the americans there forty one people including six u.s. troops have died in attacks the. in that volatile city that's near the pakistan border. iran says it's prepared and dumped a week of naval drills in the gas fields of the strait of hormuz in the persian gulf war ships submarines and missile defense systems are set to be tested they say france says it's a peaceful demonstration of iran's defensive capabilities promising it won't violate international law and will respect the maritime borders of labor and countries. egypt's president has hailed the new constitution is paving the road to democracy and urge dialogue between all political groups morsi delivered his first national address to the deeply polarized nation since signing the charter into law the opposition insists though the
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constitution's a threat to freedom protestors blocked traffic in cairo on tuesday angry with the results of the referendum you charter gives legislative powers to the traditionally toothless upper chamber in the lower house of parliament selected within the next two months the opposition those worried that the muslim dominated body which held its first session wednesday will impose is loose law but omar assure from the institute of arab and islamic studies spokesman he says the constitutional referendum are both above board. this is the first time in the constitution that you have the president cannot have the egyptian parliament went and cannot. have a prime minister who is actually empowered to take decisions without going back to the president so it empowers other centers as other elected civilian centers of power but you have a. democratic elections and it brought the strongest parties to become the majority what will happen if these islamist parties could not deliver on the promises about
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. the security about the economic conditions i think what will happen the people will vote against them if you look at the voting behavior in egypt in the parliamentary elections around seventy percent voted for islamist. parties and in the presidential elections around fifty one percent of the vote is declining and going down maybe because they are not the position and more they have to deliver on the promises they cannot just for most while not delivered so now people have expectations and they can control politicians by voting in the new year taking stock of events and shape twenty twelve today we look at the coverage of the u.s. presidential debates in the struggle for those candidates who didn't have multibillion dollar campaigns to also get the.
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we have been running the election of close to your reason for more than two weeks before the election every single day there was a story by a correspondent running wild guests on the show it cetera et cetera so given voice through the third parties was exactly what we needed to get the full picture. we are just a couple hours away now from the third party debate as you can see our production crew is busy transforming our studio in a debate floor one of the most important functions of democracy is the debate a lot of discussion about a lot of issues and the more we can open up don't credit institutions like our are awash in systems in which a multiple parties to what it might even be considered fringe parties more likely we are to have an open debate on a wide variety of issues rather than a very narrow people often ask why is it
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a tool for straight what you know of the right heads in the country to compete and then you have to explain that there are other voices but that they are pushed out of the process because they're not part of the big party machine on foreign policy for example the alternative candidates have clearly been against military interventions against military expansion that still fly with hope for washington establishment the other networks covered president obama and governor romney to debating whatever break here in our studios we had two very serious candidates talk about very serious issues that were absent elsewhere everywhere they talked about the n.b.a. they talked about drones to talk about the war on drugs and this is something that we put together because not only do we know there was a point that our audience was asking for we haven't seen it too much of you know in the mainstream media do you think tomorrow they will be talking about how you did impact. elect well that would be the pie in the sky is that would impact the election and let me just give you a chronology. of the libertarian party. the fact is you go from an
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annoyance to a spoiler to a player we really need to be bringing third parties fourth parties because parties into that which are blocking traffic. i feel like this is a win for the american people that we have been able to enter into this race to break into the party and offer the solutions that the american people are clamoring for and. plenty more to come in that series as well as we look back on the demetrius of the business no twenty seven this past week not moscow time well spent christmas but no rest for the wicked is it you've been busy markets still going in america as well today actually christmas catching up basically and they're continuing the same trend that they had before christmas and that's going down because there's still no plan for avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff exactly what is going to continue on that
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barack obama is coming back to talk with congress tomorrow first day this week about this but a lot of talk about it for a long time and how much of a deal is it really it could be huge deal could lead to the u.s. g.d.p. going down three percentage points could go down back into recession and for the biggest economy in the world that means trouble for everyone else big question is can they get it sorted in time or what we're talking about like that i guess exactly in a couple of minutes. i got. in this remote siberians in which people still sing the songs which russians sang in the middle ages and they cherish the nation rituals practiced by the will set up church before the seventeenth century the old
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believers here is sign the area our conservative community here known as the simi skia a word which refers to family. of god believe me there yet i feel. that i now am the first athlete that. people here are happy to show their way of life to tourists and teach them how to dance in the local star. the ease of prayer and the bell and the girl needs to watch her legs don't go up too much during the dance she must be a model stick at. a. seventeen year old nanda is from the same village she now studies in the city and dances at a club. she puts on her costume and the traditional amber necklace only when she comes to visit her grandmother.


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